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PureVision contact lenses are designed to provide you with crisp vision especially in low light conditions. Built to resist protein deposits and allow high level of oxygen for excellent eye health.

PureVision 2 HD 6 pack by Bausch and Lomb

Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses.

Monthly disposable contact lenses are available for most patients. Subsequently, they provide a more comprehensive prescription range than most Daily Disposable contact lenses. Lenses keep for 30 or 14 days. Each day a cleaning routine is required. After each wear, store your lens in the disinfecting solution your health care professional recommends. Discard the lens at the end of the 30 or 14 day period. They are an excellent solution for some complex prescriptions. Generally, worn by regular wearers for their cost-effectiveness compared to a daily disposable contact lens. Monthly and fortnightly disposable contact lenses have less buildup than previous decades’ traditional non-disposable lenses.

Contact lens pros and cons.

Contact lenses have excellent cosmetic and functional advantages. Firstly, they provide the most expansive field of view of all corrective eyewear and are ideal for sports where glasses may get broken or dislodged. Secondly, they allow the easy application of makeup. Thirdly, people can see themselves in the mirror with ease. And Finally, they don’t fog like spectacles, particularly with face mask wearers—also ideal for people who work in hot, cold, or variable temperatures throughout the day. For example, they provide steam-free vision correction from the ski slopes to the hot kitchen. Accordingly, there will be no more marks or indents from your weighty glasses on your nose! And you can wear non-prescription sunglasses at any time!

Bausch and Lomb

Bausch and Lomb has been involved in eyecare since 1893, initially established in New York.  A small optical shop became a large healthcare company with over 10,000 employees in 100 countries.  Portfolios by Bausch and Lomb include Pharmaceuticals, Surgical and Vision Care.

At the forefront of innovations in eyecare, Bausch and Lomb aim to perfect vision and enhance quality of life for practitioners and patients alike.

They offer contact lenses for:

  • Shortsightedness (Myopia)
  • Longsightedness (Hyperopia)
  • Loss of focusing ability after 40 years of age (Presbyopia)
  • Blur due to the shape of the eye structures (Astigmatism)
  • UV protection
  • Dry eye

Talk to your eyecare professional about the best options for you!

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