Why can I not find my brand?

If you can’t find your contact lens prescription from your Optometrist on our site it may be because its a rebranded product.

What is a brand equivalent?

Sometimes contact lenses have be re-branded by manufacturers with private labelling sold exclusively by big brand eye care providers or other contact lens retailers. We have produced a list of clinical equivalents. What this means is that the product is the same just with different packaging.

>easyvision Elite F

Clearly Contacts Equivalent

Manufacturers Branded Product

Ascend 1 DayBiomedics 1 Day
Ascend 1 Day ComfortProclear 1 Day
Ascend 1 Day MultifocalProclear 1 Day Multifocal
Ascend 1 Day ToricBiomedics 1 Day Toric
Ascend Evolve MonthlyAvaira
Ascend Evolve Monthly ToricAvaira Toric
Ascend Plus MonthlyProclear Sphere
Ascend Premier MonthlyBiofinity
Ascend Premier Monthly MultifocalBiofinity Multifocal
Ascend Premier Monthly ToricBiofinity Toric

EyeCare Plus Equivalent

Clear Choice 1 DayBiomedics 1 Day
Clear Choice Premium 1 DayProclear 1 Day
Clear Choice Premium Plus 14 DayAvaira
Clear Choice Premium Plus 14 DayAvaira Toric
Clear Choice Premium Plus MonthlyBiofinity
Clear Choice Premium Plus Monthly ToricBiofinity Toric
ClearSight 1 DayBiomedics 1 Day
ClearSight 1 Day ToicBiomedics 1 Day Toric

Provision Equivalent

ProActive Premium FortnightlyAvaira or Cair
ProActive ToricAvaira or Cair Toric
ProBalance MonthlyBiofinity
ProBalance Monthly ToricBiofinity Toric
ProView Plus MonthlyProclear Sphere
Proview Plus 1 DayProclear 1 Day

Specsavers Equivalent

easyvision All Day All Night ToricBiofinity Toric
easyvision Aquayes MonthlyAir Optix Night and Day
easyvision Irisian Monthly MultifocalAir Optix Multifocal
easyvision Irisian Monthly SphereAir Optix Aqua
easyvision Irisian Monthly ToricAir Optix Toric
easyvision Lacrima Daily Multifocal3Proclear 1 Day Multifocal
easyvision Lacrima Monthly PlusProclear Sphere
easyvision Lacrima Monthly ToricSimilar to – Biofinity Toric
easyvision Linarial DailyMyDay
easyvision Opsys DailyFocus Dailies All Day Comfort
easyvision Opteyes Monthly Multifocal3Biofinity Multifocal
easyvision Opteyes Monthly ToricBiofinity Toric
easyvision Sential MonthlyBiofinity Multifocal
easyvision Standard MonthlyProclear Sphere
easyvision Umere Daily ToricClariti 1 Day Toric
easyvision Umere DailyClariti 1 Day
easyvision Umere Daily MultifocalClariti 1 Day Multifocal
easyvision Uvicia MonthlyAvaira
easyvision Uvicia Monthly ToricAvaira Toric
easyvision Vitrea DailyDailies Aqua Comfort Plus
easyvision Vusion Daily MultifocalProclear 1 Day Multifocal
easyvision Vusion DailyProclear 1 Day
easyvision Vusion MonthlyProclear Sphere

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