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Disposable lenses with blink-activated moisture technology to give you all day comfort.

Alcon Focus Dailies All Day Comfort contact lenses

Alcon Focus Dailies All Day Comfort is designed for single use daily wear. Subsequently cleaning and disinfecting is eliminated. With this in mind the lenses are perfect for sports or travelling. Additionally, the design focusses on outstanding vision, comfort and convenience.


The lenses use a blink activated moisture technology that releases polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) to the eye. In essence this moisturises the eye to increase the comfort of all day wear.


  • Lens Type: Sphere
  • Frequency: Daily
  • Water content: 69%
  • Basecurve: 8.6mm
  • Diameter:13.8mm
  • Powersavailable:-0.50Dto-6.00D(0.25Dsteps);-6.50Dto-10.00D(0.50Dsteps);+0.50Dto+6.00D(0.25Dsteps)
  • Centerthickness:0.10+V
  • Tint:Lightbluehandling tint
  • Packaging Sizes: 30 pack and 90 pack

When not to use Alcon Focus Dailies

These lenses are not recommended with any of the following conditions. Above all, these conditions should be considered and discussed with your eye care professional before use.

  • Inflammationorinfectionoftheeye or eye lid.
  • Dryeyesthatinterfereswithcontactlenswear.
  • Anyeyedisease,injuryorabnormalityaffectingthecornea,conjunctiva,oreyelidsthatmaybeexacerbatedbycontactlenswear.
  • Cornealhypoesthesia(reducedcornealsensitivity).
  • Anysystemicdiseasewhichmaybeexacerbatedbyorinterfereswithcontact lens wear.
  • Allergicreactionsorocularirritationoftheocularsurfacesoradnexathatmaybecausedbyorexacerbatedbythewearingofcontactlenses.
  • Ocularirritationduetoallergicreactionswhichmaybecausedbyuseofcontact lens solutions (i.e., rewetting drops) that contain chemicals or preservatives (such as thimerosal) to which some people may develop an allergic response.
  • Anyactivecornealinfection(bacterial,fungal,orviral).
  • Theuseofanymedicationthatiscontraindicatedorinterfereswithcontactlens wear, including eye medications.
  • Patienthistoryofrecurringeyeoreyelidinfections,adverseeffectsassociated with contact lens wear, intolerance or abnormal ocular response to contact lens wear.
  • Ifeyesbecomeredorirritated.


Alcon offers a wide range of eye care products. Leading the charge for award winning daily disposable, monthly replacement, colour-enhancing contact lenses and contact lens care products.

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