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Designed to enhance vision quality by minimising an optical imperfection commonly found in eyes. Aquaform Technology locks in water—so you can have incredible comfort all day long—and helps your eyes stay clear and white, by delivering the oxygen your eyes need. A smooth surface with special rounded edges enhance comfort by minimising interaction between your contact lenses and your eyelids

Cooper Vision Biofinity

Cooper Vision Biofinity is a monthly contact lens recommended for up to 29 days of continual wear for near and farsighted eye corrections.


Biofinity uses a soft and moist lens material. Ultimately this increases the end of day comfort. Also, this lens has high oxygen transmissibility to keep your eyes healthier. With this in mind, in consultation with your eye care provider, there is an extended wear option for those who require overnight wear. Another point is the added comfort from the design in its rounded lens edge. And enhanced vision due to the aspheric surface. For this reason, wearing these lenses will help to keep your eyes clear, white and healthy.

Aquaform® Comfort Science™

Your Biofinity lenses consist of Aquaform® Comfort Science, essentially creating a wettable silicone hydrogel contact lens. The hydrophilic lens locks in water consequently minimising dehydration. Because the lens is moist, there is less build-up and deposits left on the surface. Thereupon fewer eye irritations and need for external wetting agents.

Thanks to longer siloxane chains the lens contains low silicone. In effect, this increases softness and the transmissibility of oxygen.

By and large, this lens has high oxygen permeability, good water content, and optimum modulus. Henceforth increased breathability and moisture in a soft, flexible lens. All thanks to its scientific balance.

Cooper Vision Biofinity Product Details

  • Material / H20 content – comfilcon A / 48%
  • Replacement schedule – Monthly
  • Oxygen transmissibility – 160 Dk/t (at -3.00D)
  • Thickness – 0.08 (Center thickness)
  • Revenue carton size – 3-pack blisters
  • Base curve – 8.6
  • Diameter – 14.0
  • Sphere power – ±6.00D (0.25D steps) +6.50D to +8.00D (0.50D steps) -6.50D to -12.00D (0.50D steps)
  • Dk – 128
  • Modulus – 0.75 MPa
  • Handling tint – Light blue
  • Wearing schedule – Daily, flexible or continuous wear

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