I have a lost contact lens in. What should I do?

lost contact lens. woman rubbing her eye

Have you ever lost a contact lens in your eye? From time to time, this may happen. However, your eye has a membrane to prevent this. For that reason, it cannot get permanently ‘lost’ behind your eye. Here are some tips if you think you have lost your lens.

1. Have you flicked it out of your eye?

Potentially this can occur when you remove your lenses and don’t get a good grip. It might have nudged off your eye surface but not captured it in your fingers. Check around your basin, on your shirt, and the floor. Dehydrated contact lenses look a little like a cornflake! 

2. Can you feel a lost contact lensunder your eyelid?

It is rare for a contact lens to displace on your eye surface. It will typically follow an accidental eye rub or an eye touch during sport.

A lost contact lens will usually move under the top eyelid (often towards your ear); you will feel it. It is possible to see the edge of the lens if you look directly down and towards your nose. Also, a cotton tip can move it into a better position. Another trick is to look down and massage the upper eyelid downward. The motion may move the lens back into the front of the eye. Alternatively, ask a friend to look for you.

If you have lost a lens and have a persistent sensation under your lid, go immediately to your optometrist. They will happily remove it for you.

3. Do you have dry eyes?

You may have a lost contact lens due to having dry eyes leaving it stuck in an unusual spot – it is possible to blink the lenses out. It is not usually necessary to do this. But, a sign you need to discuss your contact lens fitting with your optometrist.

4. Have you lost a contact lens more than once?

If your contact lenses are often displaced, it’s time to see your optometrist. Your lenses may be too loose and need refitting. 

It is important if you get that feeling that there is something in your eye to have it attended to. In rather remarkable circumstances here article as to why it is important to check for a lost contact lens.

If you are new to wearing contact lenses we recommend that you read this post.

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