How to choose the right contact lenses

A woman in glasses holds a blue contact lens on her finger. Eye care and the choice between the means to improve vision.

What is the best contact lens for you?

A few things will determine the best contact lens for you. Many contact lens companies use various materials, require different cleaning routines, and have different designs. 
Your prescription, hygiene factors, eye dryness and sensitivity, and budget will help determine the final contact lens choice for you. 

No 1 – Your prescription

It may be necessary to sacrifice some clarity to wear a daily contact lens, particularly if you have a higher prescription or have astigmatism because of the small prescription range available in this lens type. However, Fortnightly and Monthly disposable contact lenses have the most comprehensive prescription range.

No 2 – Do you want to clean your contact lenses?

Simple, if you don’t want to clean your contact lenses, a daily disposable contact lens is the best contact lens for you. As a result, your lenses will be more expensive per pair. But you’ll have the convenience of a fresh pair of lenses every time you wear a lens. Teenagers are also good candidates for daily disposable contact lenses and people working in dirty, dusty environments.
If you are happy to clean, fortnightly and monthly lenses may be suitable and require a light, manual clean after each wear. They are stored in a case overnight with a disinfecting solution and worn the next day again.

No 3 – Your Budget

Many brands, designs, and lens materials are available in contact lenses, and the prices will vary significantly.
Usually, daily disposable contact lenses are the most expensive. However, they provide the best comfort and the lowest risk of infection.
Fortnightly and Monthly disposable contact lenses are less expensive per pair, even when including the cleaning solution costs. These will provide a broader range of prescription options, giving some patients better vision. Diligent cleaning is required to ensure that the lenses remain comfortable for the entire fortnight/month.
So, be honest with your optometrist about your budget and eye needs. There may be an excellent option for you at a lower price!

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