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Should I sleep with my contact lenses in?

Most people who wear contact lenses during the day will take them out at night

Can Children Wear Contact Lenses?

When is too young to wear contact lenses? What contact lens is best for a

A Guide on Caring for Your Contact Lenses

Caring for and maintaining your contact lenses is the best way to achieve optimal eye

5 Reasons Your Contact Lenses are Uncomfortable

Are you looking for reasons your contact lenses are uncomfortable? Wondering if your discomfort is

I have a lost contact lens in. What should I do?

Have you ever lost a contact lens in your eye? From time to time, this

How to choose the right contact lenses

Knowing how to choose the right contact lens for you can be confusing. We explain

How to Read Your Contact Lens Prescription?

Learn where to find your contact lens prescription information and what information you need to

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